Stars wheelset

what are peoples thought on these?

how much are they worth in stores?

would not touch them with a ten foot pole.

it’s missing 1/2 the spokes!

give me some info, whats so shit about them?

obviously im a noob with this shit…


-Low spoke count- 24 holes is a bit low.

-Lacing pattern is strange (unproven?)

-Wheelset is still VERY heavy even with the low spoke count.

-Would be better to have less spokes on the front, more on the rear. What you have here is a front wheel that is overbuilt, and a rear wheel that is weak.

-Quando hubs aren’t great

I’m sure these wheels work, but in the long term I reckon the wheels would be going out of true too easily, and the hubs just wouldn’t hold up for long.

but hey, they’re cheap as. i got a set for my roadie last year, and they’re going fine. obivously i’m not planning on riding them to roubaix.

yeah, 24 is a low spoke count for the rear.

ask member ‘oui oui skid’, i think they’re the ones he has.

just remember what des says: buy cheap, buy twice.

At the end of the day these wheels are only $120.00 a set so yeah, go for your life.
Good street thrashing set, bike polo?

im not doing any serious riding, just need somthing cheap for around town.

so sounds like these arnt tooooo bad for what there going to be used for…? and the price.

Srsly… what’s a good wheelset, like $200 more?

EDIT: yeah, if cell is doing deep v wheelsets for 350

i bought a pair of these and the only problem is the the rear cog comes loose real quickly but for the price i’m not complaining

are you running a lock ring?
it sounds like the lockring isn’t done up flush and tight against the cog man

oui-oui just striped the thread on his, after like 2mths or something, so if they are $120, add another $200 for the new wheel you will need in 6-8weeks.

$120 every 8 weeks… that’s $$720 per annum. Just buy Wormz wheelz, it’ll be cheaper in the long run.

The machining on them is pretty rough too, wouldn’t touch them. Companies should know now not to build paired spoke wheels…

yeah it has a lock ring on it, i took it to iride and old mate tightened it up for me which lasted a few weeks, i think i’ll just have to invest in some more bike tools to keep on top of it, locktite might work fine for it though

A consumable item like tyres, perhaps? :evil:

more like 4 weeks! :evil:

i’ve bought two things from these people.
both were cheap as cheap,
and lasted accordingly (not long at all)