Start saving SugarKane

2011 Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Group titanium | eBay

A steal at $25,000…

What’s the deal with this- you can’t buy it in the shops? $25,000 must be a massive jump in price from the ‘regular’ Super Record…

Super record 11 titanium can be bought for $2800 if im not mistaken.
Campagnolo Super Record 11s 2011 Titanium Road Groupset | R&A Cycles

I am!

I’m saving for these :wink:

I reckon it can be had for $2000

Campagnolo Super Record 9PCS BB30 Ti 11 SP Group Set | eBay

both of them?

No I don’t need an SRM, dont race remember :wink:

I thought this was gonna be a thread where we all try and convince sugarkane that weighing grease is insane…

Using grease is insane, think of the weight…

1.3gs for a 5600g bike is pretty good in my books…

You can take all the piss you ladies like but my parlee is a totally usable, tough, practical bike. I’m 85kgs and I do my best to ride the wheels off it… Haven’t broken a thing so far and other than the odd spoke I really don’t expect too…


Thanks mate

Why is Super Record Titanium only available in Ultra Torque when the rest of the range has gone Power Torque?
Old stock or if you pay for Super Record the extra machining for the crenelation joint doens’t matter?

Do you weigh your poo

Maybe they realised that Power torque was crap and they haven’t even made the tools for it yet?

$25,100 if you want to go 12-29, but those extra teeth are heavy… whats the weight gain from the 12-25 sugarkane?

11-25 the 12 gives too much away…

Can’t think why you’d want a 12-29 in Sydney

Because the Ultra Torque design with the hirth joint is a better (and more complicated) design, but costs more to make. Therefore cheaper groupsets set Power Torque, and the higher end get Ultra Torque.

Dude I remember this one 100km+ ride we did. I’d been out on the piss the night before and hadn’t had my AGB before we started. I downloaded at the first coffee stop and felt light as a feather after it. Bicycle weight savings be damned, I swear that laying some cable before a ride is the best way to bounce up those hills.


I loled, I sigged.