Starting sell price?

you see i have a volume thrasher incomplete and was wondering how much you would pay for it hypothetically.

spec list

frame: Volume Thrasher Blue splatter size small
fork: volume thrasher forks
Stem: oddessey elementary v3
bars: ns distric black
cranks: profile no boss black
chainring: profile 36t
grips: animal edwin grips black
pedals: shadow conspiracy
straps: Bo gear straps

your comments will be helpful

cheers, jack

ebay - completed listings.

$0.99 and see where the bidding goes from there. The market will dictate the price.

A good ballpark would about 50% of what it would cost new - provided its in good nick, or less if not. If you’re doing a buy now I’d set it at $100-150 more than what you realistically expect and see what offers you get. Set an unrealsitic Buy Now and you won’t get any bites.

thanks guys big help