Startrack Low Pro-2013 black edition

That is a slick fixie. Please fix saddle angle though, looks like you’d slide straight off the thing!

new wheel build, dont know whats gonna change next。。。。。。。

Nice ride.

What new wheels you getting?

i got a set NOS campagnolo omega rims, took them to powder coating in gloss black, then laced with new compagnolo hubs,

a bit heavy for alloy bike, but like their classic look:)

I can’t imagine how fast it is… but then where is the stand???

Why in the world would you powercoat NOS Omegas. :frowning:

Why? becausefixie

because, the old stock silver rims are looks a bit old,

and yup,in order to match the frame:)

I would’ve just bought some black TB14’s, but oh well.

Becausefixie indeed