"stay-put big nut"

how cute are girlfriends that are starting to get into fixed gear stuff but don’t quite know the names of thing yet…

like, say, a lockring…

I describe the cranks as “the part the pedals hang off”.

My girlfriend yelled at me for buying a bike “With NO gears” for money when there was already a bike “with gears” in the garage.

I need to find a hot girl into bikes, then my girlfriend will be interested.

Well technically it has one gear but maybe best not to answer that way.

^yeah, hence the quotation marks.

I decided not to correct her, as I start a new hobby every year or so, so maybe she’ss allowed to be slightly annoyed…

t minus eleven months then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just do what all us other boys in Brissie have done and make your girl a bike. Ones I can think of off the top of my head are: Jules, Nadesh, Kim, Kath, el Brado’s girlfriend, Laney…

Mrs Ant wants to start a frock ride soon so get building so your girl can get along…

can us curious guys come too??

Damn straight.

My girl went from “bikes are dumb why do you need 6?” to “OMG I love my bike” after about 3min riding her new one. Now she won’t shut up about it and keeps asking if we can go for a ride.

I manged to give my girlfirend and second-hand track frame for x-mas and convince her to buy new bars, seat, pedals, clips and a wheelset and she still loves me.

wow. i’m still at the stage where i’m doing the buying.
but then i came home and she’s got my sprockets out of the cupboard and is planning to convert her roadie to ss/fg - even had my gear ratio chart out - yikes!

actually i should probably watch what i say, soon enough she’ll be on here with pics of her “rad new build”.

I wacky-parsed the thread title as “Stay put, big nut!” as in, “come back here, you ravenous hunk of man-meat, I’m not finished with you yet …”

You’re obviously on the right track :smiley:

Guys should have to frock up for a frock ride. Or at least tweed up … stormclouds

Well I kinda helped her buy it, but I let her make the descisons as to what she wanted…

Nothing wrong with tweed Alex :wink: just waiting to finish my 50s build before I try to get a tweed run going here in vegas.

i too built a bike for my girl. she bloody loves it.
also, her not knowing about bike stuff is handy when it comes to upgrades. to her, there is no difference at all between shitty sugino road cranks and nice shiny c-records. now, to find some c-records…

for the sydney tweed run, i was considering turning up in period correct track skinsuit to match my pursuit. when questioned, my response will be “tweed? i thought it was a speed run!”. LOLz will ensue and I will be the ironic hero of the day.

LOL you lucky bastards,

My girlfriend has told me she will not go riding until we have a kid to take with us, until then its lame, and she wont be able to say “We took our son for a nice ride on our bikes” and brag about it to her friends (my girlfriend is admittedly quite shallow)“i went for a ride with my boyfriend” apparently doesnt have the same ring to it.

Ask her to come riding with you as “practice”. Then go back to practicing having kids. :evil:

break up, its never gonna work.

buy (her) a new bike.