Stealth 'Murdered out' black aluminium frame options

Looking at aluminium frames, who else makes a nice stealth black aluminium frame option?

-Cannondale CAAD10
-Specialized Allez Race
-Canyon AL

-Anyone else?


Good choice. Stealth black will hide any unsightly welding.

It’s slimming too, so you don’t notice the BB height.

Your frame of choice + rattle can.

buy them all then make them FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!

yeah get a visp in black

Thank you for the very helpful, insightful suggestions follow forum members…

FWIW, I would guess the CAAD10 is the frame of choice here.


Definitely - though they just don’t seem (to me at least) to look any good in pics. Was checking one out last weekend in the flesh and was quite surprised to find it rather appealing

Great deal if you ride a 54cm

2012 Specialized s Works Tarmac SL4 Limited Edition Frameset 58cm Frame | eBay

:wink: ?

Canyon for the looks, CAAD for the ride.

What’s the best way to get one again- UK site and freight forward?

You’ll pay VAT if you buy it in the EU and freight forward.

Get it shipped to Hong Kong and fly over, pick it up, put it in a bag and cruise back to oz. Return flights are cheap as to get there and back and you pay no gst, no vat, etc

That is a hilariously cool idea. How much are flights to HK?

Have seen them on special with email promo’s for a couple of hundred bucks.

Smuggling bikes?!, you’d have to go in an all black stealth outfit, with a black briefcase.

Some good deals here: Cheap HK flights

I also vote for the CAAD10. But fukka murdered out paintjob.

Wouldn’t have a clue, soz!
(that kinda money gets you close to a KUMO though)