Steel Frames

Anyone heard of Factory Five?

F5Pista – Factory Five

Any other similar options?

Nope, never heard of them.

Go for a Colossi through Gear. Will be less hassle and you’ll have local support for warranty etc.

Yes, but listen to avymetal.

Colossi is terrible.


I built a Colossi Cheeko for my gf. Would buy another in a heartbeat. Welds are a bit agricultural but the price is right.

yeah reckon there might be a few ppl on here that are gonna want to know your reasons for that statement kitstopher

I had a colossi - loved it.

Whats your budget for a frame? Location? Size? Should be able to give you quite a few options.

I built up a Colossi road frame for my bro-in-law, from the zona tubing mentioned in that other blurb. I’d say the welds are pretty good, not Firefly good, but better than agricultural. I’d ride one.
Colossi Rambler Road | Cycle EXIF
Contact Gypsy, he helped out immensely with all the options etc for the Rambler.

$500. located in perth. 52-53. i’d like a raw steel finish.

Complete or frame&fork? Good luck getting anything quality if complete. Maybe try second hand.

Trust me, it’s called ‘rust’.

Bigger one on ebay ATM comes with a nice omnium crankset for 600

Colossi 58cm Track Frame Fork Incl Sram Omnium 172 5 Crankset BB Pista Bike | eBay

this thread really didn’t kick off like i thought it would.

kit just strolled by and left a comment with no explanation. so rude.

it’s like he doesn’t even care.

well if anyone can get a rise out of him, it’s you.


…and JDL.