Steel SS Monsterslate*

*Sort of monster, not really Slate

Onone Inbred SS with 110 Lefty on 26 x 2.4 Holy Rollers, SRAM S500s to TRP Spyers, 38/14

My experimental commuter, love commuting on the Holy Rollers when i had the Sunn, so i wanted to build another. Have always wanted to try a lefty, so when i found the lefty on gumtree, the S500s and Spyers, it seemed inevitable!

Still sussing out the geo, wouldve liked something a little more XC than the Inbred, but the short ride around this local nasho didnt seem too bad. Ill know more once i a do a full commute on it

I find this VERY appealing.

Pretty cool but the gear inch looks huge, what is it?

38/14, but as i said, its an over built commuter, not intended to hit trails with this thing.

Loving this !

Good on you for having a crack Jase, I reckon it looks pretty fun.

Tires are around the wrong way?

Drive side photos of Maxxis show both the brand and the tire name IME.

i didnt think they were directional? i preferred less markings on the DS


Saw this on the 'gram earlier. Like it a lot. Curb hopping commuter win.
You could probably drop the GI a bit and spin it out a bit more.

Holy Rollers probably aren’t being as blocky as they are.

Jase- this is next level inspiring!
You are ahead of the curve on this one.
Put a 1x11 groupset on it and you’ll be laughing

It is like the Gumtree version of Prolly Pies fancy bikes!!!

#perthlyf lads, dont need gears on my commute and 72GIs is plenty spinny on my route!

This is wild!

V cool. Does the fork crown significantly limit how short of a stem you can run?

depends on the angle, if flat then yes, 85mm is probably the smallest. But if running a positive rise (or a stack of spacers) you could run shorter as the bars wont foul the the forks.


Yep, A+ for resourcefulness

I am so confused right now.

Looks like awesome fun

Thats sweet! Big tyre commutes FTW

Love it!