Steerer cutting guide to borrow?

Anyone in inner-Melbs got one I can borrow this weekend? I’ve got two steerers to cut and my usual method of double pipe-clamps just doesn’t cut it, and will give me the shits for two steerers.

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I have a Park specific tool you can use and also some pipe cutters in very good condition.

I am in Brunswick if that’s convenient.

just use a hacksaw.

a dead straight steerer tube aint gunna make you faster

hacksaw, file and a square… bam

Yeah yeah I know. I usually just use a hacksaw and try to keep it straight with some pipe clamps as a guide. All I’m saying is that every time I do it I think “fuck this I should just buy a cutting guide”. But because it’s usually only about once a year I just bear it. And now I have two to do in a row and I’d actually like to keep it kinda straight rather than not.

Thanks Titanium. I’m in Fitzroy so I’ll hit you up.