stem comparison chart

don’t think I’ve seen this one posted here - found it very handy:
Stem Chart

Alex W is the best. Dig through his blog and check out the various stuff he’s done.

Alex Wetmore is always busy with something…


I’m sensing beards

Year 10 geometry in convenient, easy to swallow, fruit flavoured capsule form, I like.

@H I will buy you a coffee if you can make the stem chart look like a beard :stuck_out_tongue:

just what i needed cheers.

So good, Nate you know I’m all about stems

just what I needed too! thanks

There is also this site, you can compare stems too!

Bike Stem Calculator - Brightspoke

Yeah cheers bro… re-jigging the setup on my track bike and came across that one.

Also have one of these if anyone in Brisie ever needs figure out what setup they need angle and length-wise prior to purchasing a stem
Specialized fit stem | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

not sure how you found it handy shirts, pretty sure i’ve never seen you riding a bike without a drop stem that wasn’t slammed…