Step right up, get your chain guards!

Sable & Argent

I can only imagine that they will be fitted on with easy removal if (most likely) desired; much like the rear brake cable fitted with one-way ties on new fixed gears

Weird. Is that a serious announcement?

check this out

Cycling Promotion Fund - Industry Update - February 2011

I couldnt see anything about a chain guard… but im struggling to get past the “Buying Tips” in the fixie/single section lol

Here it is:

Chain guards
Chain guards must be fitted to all bicycles. This is regardless of whether they are geared, single speed or children’s.
The type of guard is described in the standards extract below. Please contact SAI Global for details.

2.9.1 Chain guards
Bicycles shall be equipped with a chain guard shielding the upper junction of the chain and chain wheel (drive sprocket) to prevent entrapment of clothing or body parts. The chain guard shall be as follows:
(a) Children’s bicycles A guard enclosing at least the upper junction of the chain and chain wheel.

(b) Other than children’s bicycles A guard shielding the upper junction of the chain and chain wheel (drive sprocket) against the entrapment of clothing or body parts.

It shall be either -

(i) a fixed guard or a front derailleur chain guide that shields the chain for a distance of at least 25 mm measured prior to the first point of engagement of the chain with the chain wheel (see Figure 2.5); or

(ii) a disc of impact resistant material attached to the chain wheel with a diameter not less than 10 mm larger than the diameter of the chain wheel measured over the tips of the teeth (see Figure 2.6).
The chain guard brackets shall be sufficiently strong to ensure that the chain guard is held in.

maybe it will improve my aero.

Lol. Are they seriously gonna put chainguards on top end crabon wunderbikes?

I know it’s possible but it’s a real pain to install chainguards with front derailleurs installed.

What is the purpose of this law? Is getting grease on your pants such a problem that legislation was called for? It surely doesn’t cause many, if any, accidents each year with freewheeling bikes? I can maybe (but not really) understand it with fixxxaaayyyys…

Sounds like they get away with it by running a “front derailleur chain guide that shields the chain for a distance of at least 25 mm measured prior to the first point of engagement of the chain with the chain wheel”. That and the fact that a chain that is tensioned with a rear derailluer isn’t the finger guillotine that a fixed drive train is.

If this is enforced, they can most definitely go and get fucked. There are laws enforced that I agree with (that we won’t go into here), but this is ridiculous.

Is this something that will apply to cyclists on the road etc, or just the stores selling them?

Woah, Roland it’s all good. This applies to the sale of new bikes. This is no different to regulation around bikes fitted with front and rear brakes. Bike stores can get fined if a bike is sold without it (unless it is a track bike or “one of a kind”). What I’m not sure about is whether or not this regulation would affect someone like Sasha @ Pony…

How often is someone seriously injured after getting their clothes caught in their chain though?!

Just seems like another over protective measure being enforced. Like I said, I can’t be bothered having the whole brakes/NOBR AKES, helmet/less debate again but I can at least see both sides of those arguments.

This just seems excessive.

Totally agree; but you can bet your bottom dollar Cell Bikes and all the others will design and fit chain guards that can easily be removed with no holes/remnants of it ever existing

That’s fine, and I agree with you. Not much point then really is there?!

My original point (and question) was whether or not you or I will soon be getting done by Officer Farquharson for not having a fucking chain guard!!!

Coz that would unleash the Rangfury!!

It’s an Australian standard for sales in stores, not cyclists on the street.

BTW I would love to see Rangfury

I will do my utmost to make sure all my future bikes are ‘custom’ then.

As for the rangfury, it doesn’t make an appearance often, but when it does…

rangfury! lolz. i’m scared of even the possibility.

a few weeks ago my jeans were the meat in a chain + chainring sandwich. they tore right up to the groin. fortunately the groin was not damaged.

well you’ve just gone and ruined my whole argument!!! Hahaha

yeah its pretty F’f up i cant say iv ever gotten any part of clothing caught in a chain haha and baggy jeans are so 1990’s :stuck_out_tongue: i think its just the bureaucrats have nothing better to do than think up bullshit laws when they no nothing about it !!! sorry thats my drunken 2 cents worth =]

I have also done this, once, whilst riding drunk, admittedly. Tore my jeans up to my knee. Then I looked like I had some weird kind of flares on. But just one side, still skinny on the other. It did frighten the shit out of me at the time.