SteveZero's Beardo Racing Trailer

Right - wasn’t sure where to put this, so I’ll start here. Perhaps we need a forum specifically for ‘Beardo’ stuff?

I’m an inner city urbanite. I hate cars (except for Jez’s Range Rover for getting us to races - that thing’s boss) and want to be able to go to races without a) the risk of puncturing my tubs on needles in the streets of North Melbourne, and b) associated race gear like rollers, tents, eski’s and perhaps even ghetto blasters…

So… I’ve been toying with the idea of a bike trailer to tow my race bike and assorted gear to races. I’m thinking of modifying one of those knock-off BOB YAK trailers or something similar. I want space for at least one bike, rollers, some tools and perhaps a small marquee for CX and club racing. Perhaps even a spare wheel rack or even a trueing stand for dual purpose and lols.

I’m planning on attaching it to my SS commuter and second CX bike so I can have a pit bike for the extremely unlikely event where I may have a mechanical. Also be good for summer crits and winter road racing. Oh and track. It just seems like a good idea…

Anyone done anything similar? Experience with different trailer types? Recommendations?

see if anyone here (blakey/brenno/nikcee) has benedict’s number from BCC, dude has that shit down!!

Yeah I’ve seen Benedict’s. Pretty sweet setup. I can’t remember if his is a yak style, or dual wheel.

not going to lie, if you are putting tent, wheels, bike, esky, tools & Ghetto Blaster on it… i’m tipping 2 wheel is the way to go.

maybe even a small motor to assist. and like a canopy, or lightweight roof type-arrangement. even that you can sit IN in the off chance it’s raining… imagine if you didn’t even have to pedal it. how cool would that be???

You’re choking on your own carbon footprint, Spiro. Your children’s children will thank me.

Wait, I don’t actually give a fuck about all that, and they’ll probably be zombies anyway.

hahaha. my gas guzzling hairdressers VW!

if anyone has a bob yak for sale pm me

i came here expecting to see a trailer for a film you were in.

I call bullshit; no mention of a coffee machine.

Sorry to disappoint!

Modifying one of these is looking like a decent option. Marine ply lid hinged at the back with a bike rack and wheel stand with some spots for other tie-downs. Rated to 80kg, my arse…

i was looking at those but given my riding will involve a surfboard they don’t seem to be suitable. I’m slightly dubious about a single wheeled trailer over a two though

That is a lot of stuff to take in one trailer. You will probably require the services of a Range Rover to tow it.

i considered this a while back - living four blocks from disc means i feel stupid when i drive. but my technological ineptitude stepped in and it never happened.

you should do all four christmas carnivals this year, and ride your bike to each. #legendary

None of of it’s that heavy. Plus I ain’t planning on riding to Sydney with it.

Rollers: 2kg
Bike: 9kg
Ghetto blaster: 2kg
Toolbox: 5kg
Drunken mates: 60-85kg

I’m thinking 25kg max.

Haulin’ Colin could build you a sweet setup that would handle well, carry a lot and not break. But he’s in Seattle, and shipping would be ridic. Check out his work for inspiration and then get Scott/Tris to build you something similar.

Couldn’t justify spending big bucks on something super tasty I’d nominally use 12 times per year. Plus those bad boys don’t fold down.

TW-Bent trailer. Collapsible, copy of a Yak.

I saw a Bob copy earlier this year at Avanti on Sydney road… .

so much shit to break though steve.

Half link chains. Solved.