SteveZero's birthday

To the man who has almost certainly won more races than you, drinks more milk than you, trains more than you.

Our friend the sober bong lord, Steve!

Happy barfday Steve!

zero fucks
zero mechanicals
master of muppets


<3 dugga.


this is steve’s face right now from all the attention…



Wristies all round…

To be honest, I’m fucking annoyed I can’t ride today…

EDIT: I was just about to post “All youse can EAD”, but thought better of it. This was before Rolly posted.

You might actually enjoy a non riding day Steve. Let the laziness wash over you.

Had one yesterday. Fucking sucked.

You are a misanthrope.

Have a super dooper day Steve!

that pic is amaze.

I’ve never met Steve, but I did meet his missus, which I feel gives me the authority to say, happy burpday Steve!


happy birthday duggan, you’re alright


I met him once in Adelaide.

He was pretty rad and despite all the mechanicals he had on his Look CX bike, zero fucks were given.

Happy Birthday dude.

dugga dugga dugga

HB Duggan, one of the few people you can ride huge k’s with and have a conversation with the whole time and not get bored batshit.

I like steve.

My Wife’s true love.

Long live the dreamboat.

You know Duggan is hurting when he does the head wobble. That’s when you smack him. At least that’s what I’ve heard, I’m never there when it happens.

Hey, I’m not the Arabian prince!

This will go on forever, won’t it? I should never have come clean with you about that. Both Britt’s and my life would have been smoother…

Pretty sure my head wobbles all the time.