Sticker printers? Die-cut decals?

I am hoping the hive mind will have some knowledge on this topic: I need some stickers made. Die cut decal type waterproof/UV safe stickers - The type you might get in a sticker pack from a major bicycle manufacturer.

Anyone had something like this made before? Tips? Companies, suggestions?

Who printed the Senja-Fuda? I want to say LAM or Shortsie. (They’re not UV stable though)’s Senja-huda

I have a feeling user ellepea has a sticker printing hookup, but perhaps not complicated die cut stuff?

Contact Greg Softley @ Cyclomondo?

shortsie did that. someone from the cranky sundays crew had a sticker cutting hookup, but i think it was just a vinyl cutting plotter setup

Most signwriters will do vinyl cut stickers. Screenprinted vinyl stickers are kind of harder to get in Australia now, because everyone does digital.

Some places will also do foil print multi-colour stickers, and they can be die-cut. Don’t know the UV longevity of them though.

sent pm to OP

Ben at Dotted Line Signage in East Brunswick might be able to help ( / 0417 542 414). As Blakey mentioned, I’m not 100% on whether he does die-cut but check anyhow. Good dude, rides bikes, based in East Brunswick.

The M-Base crew have had good stickers made, Brenton from Spokes@Arrows had some decent ones made too.

I think HansDC has a connect via SneakerFreaker?

Bumnut made some really sweet ones for Shifter a long while back IIRC.