Sticker removal

What are all you suckers using to remove decals and sticker residue? I’ve gotta strip the shop decals off an old steel roadie I picked up. Word me up on your secret techniques.

I use some stuff called Goo Off! Hardware stores are your friend. There are plenty of different glue remover products and they all work pretty well.

How about getting teh stickers off Mavic Rims?

the stickers should come off easy the glue that’s left is another matter.
shimano rim sticker glue is the worst i’ve found

Brake cleaner works a treat to get sticker gum off. Gentle enough for carbon frames etc.

Giggity giggity.

Turps or, if you want to be environmentally friendly, that orange cleaner stuff from the supermarket.

I’ve got some of that orange cleaner stuff. Pretty good and made in Oz. Sold in CERES as well, so must have good enviro cred. It did take a little paint off my frame though, so try in a small area before you commit.


That orange stuff won’t affect a powdercoat will it? I want to take the shitty old stickers of the Faunago…

Don’t think so.


Just use eucalyptus oil,

works super well, cheap, available from your local supermarket and koalas will be falling over themselves to come and hump your bike.

Well either way it’ll be an interesting sight: on one hand I’d have to deal with horny koalas, and on the other I’d be fighting off scurvy-ridden pirates wanting to take a chunk out of the down tube* :evil:

  • No offense meant to any pirates who may be reading this.

The stuff currently in my cupboard is called Oomph! It doesn’t affect paint so I doubt powder is a problem.

Take the decals off first, then wipe some Oomph over the glue residue, leave it for a few minutes and then wipe it with some Oomph’d rag, then a final wipe with a clean rag.

I just did it to a ~20 year old frame a couple of days ago with no problems.

Do it in a well ventilated area - glue removers stink.

maybe its flown straight over my head but i dont understand where the pirates reference come into this hahahaha… pirates are awesome though, so i’m more than happy to let it slide christof!

I am going through this right now as I type! I bought a new shimano front wheel, stickers came off with incredbile ease…the glue is a nightmare!

I tried scratching it off with a knife, and that failed horribly. I tried a little bit of turps, which helped a little bit, but also just made the glue smooth, Im about to try more turps, then see what other crap is in my cupboard, might have to bring out the almighty easy off BAM!

Turn your nightmare into a dream.

You have dreams about glue, snowflake?

Welcome back, I hope you had a great trip :evil:

Hair dryer (heat), standard tool in a car yard.

Eucalyptus oil.

HAHA ok I’ll spell it out: Orange stuff - oranges have VitC - scurvy is caused by a lack of VitC - if I used the orange stuff I would risk being attacked by pirates.

P.s. Ninjas are awesomer :wink:

you’ve got to admit that was pretty tenuous :wink:

why are pirates pirates?
because they ARRRR!

I used a bunch more turps, it did the job :sunglasses: