Sticking tubulars?

What’s people using?
Standard glue or the gluey tape stuff?

And why?

ONLY use tubular tyre glue. If you haven’t done it before DO NOT attempt to do it yourself as it will end in tears. Get trained by somebody who is willing to hand the skill down to you.

Oh, if you do attempt to glue them yourself with out help can you please get somebody to take photos of the result. You won’t be able to use the camera as you’ll be stuck to you wheel, tyre, t-shirt, face and probably your old fella and maybe other things in your garage.

I had a crack on my carbon tubular last week.

Used Continental carbon glue, how i did it.

  • check out out the park tools site for instructions
  • follow instructions


  • once on, adjust immediately to make sure it straight, and its sitting flush on the rims.

good luck

He doesn’t have carbon wheels so stick with the normal Conti glue. if you do run carbon tubs use carbon glue on the wheel, normal tub glue on the tyre.

Conti glue is by far the best.

ah yep, my bad.

another alternative is glue tape.

Don’t use tape ever.

I must say that carbon glue from Conti is amazing. The viscosity is so much better.

why not tape?

apparently its an absolute bitch to take off.

It’s turd and it’s not traditional.


Bullshit. I glued tubs on without anyone showing me how when I first had them. Was easy. Just follow the instructions.

hehe … tubulars, eh?

My opinion on glue vs. tape is 50/50. Tape is a good idea and less messy but in my experience the real issue with tape is that most tubulars that are not designed to be used in conjunction with tape have cotton base base tapes that separate easily … the tape is very strong, stronger than the base tape glue. Strip the tubular and the base tape of the tyre styas with the attaching tape to the rim. And I don’t like Tufo’s … most of them ride shit IMO, and the reason you’re riding tubulars is for that sweet ride. Supple, smooth, yet alive.

Anyways, good tubulars aren’t cheap, and cheap tubulars aren’t worth it.

And fix your tubulars !!!

Thanks for all the tips. I just picked up a bike with some nice vintage Ambrosio tubulars. Went for a nice ride and now when i open the garage the rear is flat… They were pretty old and a bit perished.
I’ve always wanted to learn about replacing a tubular so will let you know how i go… Although i may just get a professional to do the first one.


Yes, it is. It is a first-class fvcken nightmare pain in the arse to remove (or you can use goof-off :sunglasses: ).

Ok, my post here was in the context of replying to the original poster and I still stand by it.

It is easy if you know what you’re doing. In regards to glue, less is more if the rim has been glued before and the only real hard part is flipping the last bit of a glued tyre onto the rim cleanly.

I posted a how to somewhere before- can’t find it now.
Instead of using tubes of glue- get hold of a tin of Conti with a brush - or use a glue brush, far less waste and a lot less messy.

Can someone suggest a decent value all around tubular for me, I have not ridden them before and have no idea what to buy, I usually ride on Vittoria clinchers.

Use the search function. There are numerous threads.

Always remember to pre-stretch the tyre before gluing it onto the rim, especially if it is a Continental tyre.

Try not to stretch the tyre with your feet etc. as this can tear some of the smaller threads holding the tyre together, it is best to put it onto a spare rim without glue and leave it for a few days so that the tyre can stretch evenly.

This is possibly my first post that will not anger anyone…

I started reading this thinking ‘what’s he written this time?!’

Pleasantly suprised and very good advice.

I still think you should watch somebody good first Azz before you attempt it yourself. Even if you think you can do it you’ll still pick up some good tricks.