Stiff bottom bracket spindle

Hi, I ran out of things to do to my bike, so I thought I’d change to a 165mm crankset, which also meant a new bottom bracket to keep the chain-line straight.

After installing it all together I noticed the cranks were very hard to spin by hand. You cannot get the wheel or cranks to spin freely, it’s like having rubbing brake pads.

I think I may have crushed the bottom bracket by over-tightening it. The bearing on the left side of the bottom bracket, feels like it’s warped and needs a lot of pressure to move it, unlike the old bracket, which spins freely. I’ve put it back together with plenty of grease, and used less pressure especially on the left side.

After riding it today for 20KM it seems to have loosened slightly, but It’s still very tight. Any suggestions?

Reid Griffon frame
VP bottom bracket 68mm X 103mm
Lasco 165mm Crankset

103mm spindle seems plenty short… I run a 110mm BB (Dura Ace cranks/BB/rear hub).

is it possible that when the cranks are installed they are rubbing on the BB cups??

From a quick google 103 is the right length.
So was the bb new or used?
Probably best to take it down the local bike shop

Not sure exactly how stiff it is, but I’ve had new bbs that are rough when I first install them, but after a little breaking in they spin like butter.

That was my first thought, The crank does not appear to be touching the cup.

I’ll give it some time, hopefully it’ll wear in. If not I’ll head down to the bike shop.

the bottom bracket was $13.50, It was supposed to be new, but it didn’t come with any packaging. I was eyeing off this Sugino BB But I thought it was overkill for $35 crankset.