Still slipping

I just popped up the street with new fixed. Here’s the problem…

On backward pressure for braking, the cranks slip for a second before locking back up. Then on forward pressure once this is done, the cranks slip forward again quickly. This continues, granted it takes some pressure, but it happens without fail. I’ve tightened my cranks but think it could be a bottom bracket problem.


Sounds to me like the cog is slipping. Check that first.

I did think of that, but don’t have that gnarly looking tool to tighten it. Might take it into Fusion bikes tomorrow morning to get a once over.

I second the cog slipping.

It would be the logical answer. Thanks for the help guys.

Rogaine, I’ve called the mafia off…

for now. :evil:

roadafix it as tight as possible…then tight ur lockring up.

Dont ride it until it fixe properly or else stripped hub threads.

Getting it sorted tomorrow morning. Thanks Vee

Good luck :slight_smile:

Me too sure that it’s your cog slipping. I could bring some tools thursday to fix. Lemmie know

Tighten a lockring? Hope you don’t need too much luck for that task :roll:

Rocket Science mate…!!!

Lockring and Bottom bracket were loose, but still slipping. Will be spacing issue.

Rogaine: Can I drop by and see if we can’t get that 1mm spacer in there? Let me know when you’re free over the weekend.