Stock exchange sports trading.

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My brother-in-law has just launched his website. It’s like trading on the stock market, only it uses betting odds to work out what each team/player/rider is worth, and their stock price changes day to day as a normal market would. For instance, since Frank Schleck won the tour de suisse, his odds on the tour have gone up 59%.
You join up and get a starting amount of $20k (it’s not real money so you have nothing to lose) and so far it has the FIFA world cup, Tour de france, Tri Nations, NRL, AFL, and the election on there.
He’s had the idea for a few years and it’s great to see it all come together. I don’t gamble at all, but it’s pretty addictive and can be quite fun.
I’m sure he’d love to hear your feedback/comments on the experience.

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i tell you what. if you can think of a decent reason why i shouldn’t delete this, i won’t.

um, because you can buy stocks in tour de france riders and its fun? Would it be different if it wasn’t my mates site?

yes. i’m moving it to the linkblog. compromise!