Stolen 1/3/12 fitzroy - 2 bikes

2 fluro bikes stolen from outside my house within the last few hours!!! just found out!!!
My gf’s and I. 1 fluro green, 1 fluro orange.

fluro green one has black SANTA CRUZ decalson downtube, chrome cinelli on seattube. orange one has no stickers. FUCK
rear black miche pistard wheel on one. both fizik saddles. ummmm. ian_humans former FIR road wheelset converted to SS on the green one. HELP ME FIND THESE C*NTS PLEEEEEEASE.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Fluro red bike specs:
~51cm ST, ~54cm TT, sprayed fluro red, fairly beat up and scratched. dark grey fork.
sugino GT cranks w/ sugino bmx chainring, clear bmx pedals, white chain
MICHE pistard rear wheel (this ruled), DA lockring, black zaffiro
Some beat up front road wheel, mavic cxp22 maybe? cant remember, black/white striped rubino
risers w/ clear ourys, black/purple dirty harry lever
black fizik tundra(?)

Have you reported them to the Police? My housemates Felt was stolen from outside Smith St Woolworths last night and apparently there were 4 other bikes reported stolen from that immediate area yesterday afternoon.

These thefts need to be reported so that the Police take it seriously due to the numbers.

yep reported. chuckle when i described the bike then said he’ll try ring cashies in a few days otherwise thats about it. thanks police. if only more resources were devoted to thefts/violence prevention than revenue raising

yeah hopefully they take more action.

Seriously considering locking my Vivalo to a pole on Smith St with an el cheapo lock and waiting in the shadows.

man i have so much rage now I want to go all vigilante
gf’s white met fortissimo also went with it

fuck dude, check your PM’s

Oooh is this a kick-ass/green mist style co lab pm.
I hope so

I’m totally in to do a plant of a bike with a shot lock and wait for em with a spare bar.
Anyone interested in joining
No violence
We just catch em

FOA mafia turned vigilante group? I can bring all 6ft 130kgs of myself along for this.

Both are now recovered. huge thanks to sime. we owe you one. big time. superstar. hopefully you get some good karma back for kys bike
huge relief, still a pain in the ass that some scumbag got money for them, though - and that met helmet still gone
but still
(it was her second bike stolen in 6 months - no more cable locks)

sowing a costume right now

Sooo where were they? whats the story?

So glad you guys managed to get them back, small world hey!

Bring violence… It’s the only way the little pricks will learn

I’m serious about planning to catch them,
Shall we have a tomorrow afternoon meeting at either saint cloud or 99 problems then proceed to lock up bikes and hide and wait while discussing bike related stories?? It’ll be like those stake out cop films of the 90s;
Bring your own moustache and MTb/flat handlebar for if things get dodgy…

Well, seeing as the bikes were found, this thread is locked.