Stolen bag at Knog party

Who ever stole the black back
Pack with the Sony SLR camera in it at the Knog party hand it back, pm me and all will
Be sweet.

If anyone knows anything about it I will pay up some cash.

Don’t be a dog, this shit ain’t cool.

Call Daniel on 0413791401

Good luck Daniel. People are A grade douches.

yep, pretty pathetic, i will personally pay up $2,000 cash if i get it returned to me, thats more than any smack dealer or cash converters will give you.

Hand it back to me or Knog/Shifter and it will go no further than that.

Bag has been handed back to Knog,

nice one!
also cheers to the knog boys, that was a sweet party, can’t believe how much free beer there was

With contents of bag?

seconded. shit’s fucked up

get your camera back?

I’m guessing they didn’t get 2 grand for it…? I fuckin hope not!!

Yep was handed bag with everything there, good result.

Cheers to Shifter/Knog, was a rad party, looking forward for the next one!!!