Stolen Bike in McKinnon

Hey everyone,

so some d*@!head out there has stolen my mates bike. Its a freshly painted white bike, with a red b43 on the back and a regular road wheel on the front and has a very narrow straight bar. It was stolen from his front porch, behind closed gates off Grange Road in McKinnon. If anyone lives near there and sees it or somewhere else please contact me (Lenny) on 0408379144, my mate is shattered about it.


I live a suburb away so will keep my eye out for it.

cheers. Its such a dog act

I’m not too far (east brighton) and cover some k’s in the local area on a regular basis- i too will keep an eye out and a fist cocked

thanks everyone, good news my mate found his bike. The guy who nicked it sold it to a local bike shop on south road and some friends saw it there, now its in the hands of the police. but cheers again for the help!

Lucky! Would be interested to hear what actually comes out of the dealings with the police, keep us posted.

Bike shop will be forced to hand it over. Unfortunately they’ll end up being the losers.

Serves them right for buying tainted goods. I suspect they’ll be able to give a decent description of the thief as well.

If the bike shop is licenced to deal in second hand goods, so long as they followed procedure and took id details from the thief, then the bike shop were acting honestly and fairly. Assuming all things being legit, we can’t lay blame at the bike shop.

The two issues here is whether your mate can prove ownership, and the big sting is whether the cops can be bothered prosecuting the thief. You’d be surprised how petty thefts like this (not saying that your mate’s bike is petty) go unpunished.

I bet some of my unfortunate clients wish that was true.

i had photo/name and address of someone who stole my skateboard (dickhead just signed up as a member at the skatepark). Cops did NOTHING, I got grilled and treated like the criminal. So yes, it happens.

yeah will keep u posted when i learn more, my mate could prove it was his, cause he has receipts of purchases. The stupidest thing is the guy who stole the bike has been going to that same bike shop for 10 yrs and was trying to get a job there, some people are just too stupid!