Hey Folks, a good mate Hugh is missing a sentimental favorite. Made for his lady, it was affectionately known as the ‘Pink Pussy’, and it was stolen out the front of a house on station st, Carlton Nth a couple of days ago. Details below.

HOT pink Repco Traveller ladies step through frame with a metallic “PP” on the seat tube.
Set up with brakes that have too much reach so only contact the lower half of the rim, a truly scary bike to ride.
The only reason it is a shame to see the bike go was the custom stainless steel rack and basket that was my first silver brazing project.

the PP is hard to miss - keep an eye out! cheers.

  • Hugh.

i can be around that way a bit. i’ll keep my eyes peeled for ya mate

any pics?


no pics unfortunately, but it’s the hottest pink I ever saw. so hot is could probably be counted as a traffic hazard.

hey Mods! - can we move this to Stolen Bikes? Thanks!

All done. .

Sorry to hear guys. Good luck in finding