Stolen Bikes

This may be a little off topic and possibly in the wrong section but my mate has had two of his bikes nicked in the last month, the details are here:

If anyone happens to see someone riding the bikes around Melbourne feel free to give them a slap or two.


was there a proper thread thread for this? anyway, keep ypur eyes out for this one.

My bicycle was stolen from McKean St in Fitzroy North last thursday (turns out ‘Kryptonite’ d-lock isn’t so trusty) and my heart is aching bad… I know it’s unlikely we’ll ever be reunited but you never know!
Perhaps as you’re going about your business you could keep an eye out!

Here is her description (unfortunately no photo exists, hence my handy work in ‘Paint’, but use your imagination):

  • Powder blue 50" frame (small)
  • Fixed wheel
  • Dark brown rims
  • Black super spongey matt grip on handle bars
  • Ornate GB insignia on silver handle bars
  • White leather toe straps on silver toe grips
  • Large leaver brakes on front of handle bars for front and back brakes
  • (hp) [human powered] reflective red sticker on saddle stem
  • Daggy black ladies style sadle with a little tear in side