Stolen Blue On One Pomp. MELBURN

Yo, so Matty’s Pompino got nicked last weekend in North Fiztroy, apparently late friday night or sat morning. Awesome bike and awesome dude so everyone keep an eye out. Here’s an oldish photo, it’s pretty much the same as this now but with a freewheel and two brakes.

Fark, last night some shifty dude in North Melbourne tried to palm off to me what he described as “a sort of mountain bike racing bike, a bit like yours” for $100. I was so wasted and tired from dirty deeds I didn’t go check it out - if I see him again I’ll quiz him. Hope it turns up

cheers pip for chucking this up!

hey dead legs - thats my pomp that was knicked probably a bit hard if u were wasted but can you remember anymore details on him and your location? cheers

a more up to date photo is as my profile pic. distinctive features: black goldtec hubs, black thomson seatpost & stem. sugino kyoto loco crankset. paul brake levers. vittoria evo kx or slick tyres on. black paint spattered around chain stays and headtube. (dodgy spray paint job by me) time pedals.

the slice cannondale carbon forks along with the bling gold chris king headset are standouts.

thanks! many slabs reward and/or money for anyone who finds it. 0437857822 if you have a hot tip.