Stolen Bmx (State library)

My friends bmx got stolen today after being in his possession for all of 14 hours.
I built it for him yesterday after he finally got all the parts together after 6 months.

It is the white bike on the right (mine on the left)

If anyone sees this bike or any parts off it stop them and call the police, it is on the list there.
I can guarantee it is the only white colony cube in Melbourne and that the wheelset (blitz) is the only one in melbourne.

I got it posted on this website after we built it

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Can I get a full list of parts?

Colony Cube frame and fork
Bizhouse aerospace bars
Zion magic stem
Profile bmx cranks
Colony plastic fantastic pedals
Maxxis miracle tires
Blitz wheels [have a cube style graphic on the rim.]
Tree Balsa pegs
Diamond back plastic seat

Most of these parts are unique to Melbourne like the pegs, bars and frame/fork. There are only two other Colony cubes in Melbourne both black and one is mine.

Would really appreciate if people could keep their eyes open.