Stolen Brooks on swanston st

Friend of mine had just had her new SS built up by a friend and he delivered it to her work on Swanston outside town hall. He locked it up on the bike rack out the front and went in to see her/have a few beers. About two hours later we returned to find her brand new honey Brooks B17 and seatpost had vanished… :x :x :x

I mean, this was on a Friday night (8pm-ish, loads of people around) and she had never even RIDDEN it!! Needless to say she was not impressed…

I realise they are not THAT uncommon but if anyone spots it around/for sale, a heads up would be appreciated… I’ll try to find out the make of the seatpost

maybe it’s time to start carving initials into them,

There’s so much shit getting stolen… this sucks. I’ll keep an eye out.

All this stolen stuff is pretty crazy, quite worrying when you can dismantle a whole bike with a couple of small tools.

Underground locked garage with security card access only =$20 (for the card), as well as peace of mind.

Its getting ridiculous, I was at Melb Cent tonight and this dodgy crackhead/junkie was eyeing off a certain pink aerospoke. When we approached he started asking questions like how much it was worth etc… clearly had no interest in bikes whatsoever, just how much meth he could get for it… :x

My friend’s brand new roadie was stolen on Friday too. RMIT. :x

Hey coppers, if you’re reading this; How about you let us ride our bikes in peace, and you get the cunts who keep nicking them.

Then it’ll be one big happy city.

Maybe next time I’ll tell them my brake got stolen :wink:

Sorry to hear about at the thefts.

I know nobody wants to hear this, but the general rule is that if you have a ‘nice’ bike, you do not, REPEAT DO NOT LOCK IT UP ON SWANSTON ST.

This is the reason why people have pub bikes, and good bikes. Someone wise once said that if you lock a bike up on the street, you have to be prepared to have it stolen.

Harsh but true.

When you’ve got a wheel that screams ‘look at me’ you can’t be surprised that someone will want to steal it… :?

But re the saddle- lets hunt down the douchebag! :evil:

No luck as yet, trying to get a hold of security footage from the area, but I’m not sure its gonna do much good…

Btw, the seatpost is apparently a cheapo Shimano clone, that becomes oval at the top, and the saddle is a women’s model.

I know for sure that my bike will never be locked up on Swanston!

I have seen bikes being STOLEN on SWANSTON st…I was on the tram so I couldn’t be a hero and save the day, but in about 10 seconds I saw a guy walk up to a bike with some sidecutter/bolt cutter things, cut through a big lock and ride the bike away…nobody did anything and he was gone in 10 seconds. And I have heard of this happening many many times. If you go to RMIT (like me) there are sooooooo many good places to lock you bike, but the idiots still leave bikes on swanston so everyone can see their trendy rides.

This. Where’s all this fancy kit going anyway?

They can’t be selling the stuff on ebay or else someone here would have noticed it. It must be being flopped, chopped, anodized and powdercoated before appearing on their own/mates rides… or else shipped offshore to the overseas fixie, black market.

Do we need a ‘stolen’ thread to post to and keep everything in one spot for reference?

Do we need a ‘stolen’ thread to post to and keep everything in one spot for reference?

I actually had a quick look to see if someone had created one before putting this post up…probably not a bad idea considering the amount of gear disappearing…

A good idea- admin’s can we create please?

In the mean time … stickerbomb the loops on Swanston advising it’s a hot spot for thieves?

anyone got any ideas?






etc ?

and then keep an eye out for people peeling them off :wink:

I’ve got my doubts about how useful it would be but feel free to create a thread. It doesn’t have to be created by an admin. We can always sticky it if necessary.

Which reminds me, there was talk recently about having a thread for each regular ride. If you guys want to write the posts for these rides we can then make them stickies, if that’s what you want.

The idea of putting a small ball bearing into your seatpost bolt allen key head part (or any other bolt that can easily be undone, like a quill stem, etc) with super glue seems like a good idea… you just need acetone (or nail polish remover etc) to dissolve the superglue and get the ball bearing out if you need to adjust stuff.

In saying that, I haven’t done it. Yet.


I can’t remember if it was here or bikesnob that linked to a video of two brothers in the states who would lock up a bike in highly visible spots then using a different method each time, one of them would steal it while the other filmed from a distance. the aim of the experiment was to see if anyone would stop them. There was only one dude who said anything and that was advice on a more efficient way of doing it…

I think you mean the film ‘Bike thief’ from the Neistat brothers.