Stolen Cream Surley Steamroller, Lygon St. Melbs

Hey Everyone,

A dear friend has had her cream Surley Steamroller boosted from Lygon St. Carlton on Saturday May 1st. It had black components, including drops, though naturally maybe sold as frame only. There arn’t that mean cream steamrollers around Melbs.

If you hear or see anything please PM me or email me at coreysemail `at’

Thanks a bunch


Sorry to hear that, will keep an eye out seeings I’m down that way a bit!

I live in Fitzroy and there are actually quite a few rolling around these parts. Is there anything else that can help identify this one? Size? Age / scratches, stickers?

BTW how was it nicked?

Sadly it only had a faint rainbow sticker on the seat tube to help distinguish it.

Somehow they got through the cable lock.


There are heaps of creamrollers about. Size? As Diddy asked, stickers on or off? The serial number on the bottom bracket tubing is alway. A good way of I-d ing a bike. I was in human powered a couple of months ago and they showed me a bike someone had brought in for repairs that still had a wet paint job on it cops were called.

sorry to hear that!

saw a cream one the other day, around st kilda, cnr barkly/grey st.
couldn’t make out the size, as he flew by.
had white b43 on the fron, and regular wheel on back, probably mavic rim’d.
flat bars, couple of stickers etc.

Perhaps they were carrying some nail-clippers?

D-locks people, D-locks.

Anyone, hope it gets recovered.

Perhaps they were carrying a nail-file?

D-locks people, D-locks.

Anyone, hope it gets recovered.

Okay, this is getting out of hand. First, a creamroller gets stolen at my school (unimelb), and now another creamroller gets stolen on my street? I am seriously scared that mine’s gonna be next. If you see a creamroller around with like 5 d-locks on it, that’ll be mine. stay away!

Will definitely be on the lookout since I have a particularly vested interest in seeing these returned to their owners.

is it stock?
you’ll never be able to determine it from any other (heaps) of creamrollers around, sorry to say.