Stolen fixtie

Hi guys,
Work mates fixed gear just got stolen (sorry, not sure where)

Matte black track frame with aero tubing
campag front brake
roval front wheel
black and white rear wheel
thompson post.
has various stickers, including a ‘fuck pirates’ one.

If ya see it, lock it, and call me. 0432354995.


Sorry to thread jack HMC but is it just me or has melbourne gone into bike theivery in a big way in the last coulpe of months.

Good luck fiding your mates stead.

It certainly seems that way Chris, yes. I wasn’t there when it was nicked, but from what i understand it was nicked from outside a pub, so it may have been unattended for a while.

this is really shitting me. i don’t want to have to run a cable through both wheels when i run into smith street wollies to get pears, bananas and nuetlla.

will keep an eye out.

Fucking don’t lock your bike up on Smith St!!! At least turn the corner on a side street.
It’s like locking your bike on Swanston St- you just don’t do it

Fucking OK! last time i fucking asked the Koori’s to keep an eye on it, 'cause i fucking know some of those guys from around the traps. FUCKING.

ps - i don’t think i’ve ever heard horatio swear.

Don’t fuck with mckenny or he’ll get the boys on ya.

Pormpuraaw bros. Wik-munkin reprazent.

it’s wik-mungkan you fucking bigot