Stolen in Sydney


last night someone broke in to the front of my work on Riley Street, near oxford Street and stole my fixie from the front inside the front gate. Its a yellow repco superlight frame with red deep v’s.
If any one sees it around or notices any one trying to flog it off on ebay please let me know on here or give me a call on 0402578639.
Not the most expensive bike, but i built it up for my 21st birthday n would love to have it back just for that reason


Did we ever get a ‘Stolen’ thread happening? I’ll make one and perhaps it can get stickied…would be good to keep all the info in the one spot eh?

hey noddy,
i’ll keep my eyes open. any other distinguishing marks? stickers? bars? saddle? etc.

btw, ive got a yellow superlite as a spare bike, dont anyone go thinking it was me what stole noddy’s… :stuck_out_tongue:

its got a white selle italia seat, drop bars with white grips on them, brakeless so hopefully the fucker will come off at the first intersection. And thats about it…