stolen -nth melbourne. white carlton

Sunday 29th-between midnight and 8am. from my house in on king st
melbourne-white frame. ‘carlton’ decal. gold seat and
cranks. if you see around please call me 0410 846 575 or Flemington
police (03) 9376 2866

Sucks man. will be on the lookout. One question, were you robbed? Or a party? Or was it locked out the front? Just curious, as it always good to know how it was taken.

in hallway near front door. not locked. not sure if door was open/ajar at time or not.

shit. Lock your doors dude. I’ll keep an eye out anyway.

man that sux!! i see this locked up at the IGA on errol street regularly. i work at hot poppy cafe across the street. i think i may have even seen it locked up there on friday 27th…

i’ll keep my eyes peeled.


hey man, did you ever get this back??

i swear i saw a dude riding north up nicholson street about 12.30pm today…

plenty of traffic around and by the time i had a sec to turn around he was long gone.
if you have got it back, hi. if not, it’s still in one piece so there’s still a chance you’ll spot it out there one day…

Pretty sure this guy got his bike back, on another forum I reported seeing it and found out that it’d (somehow) been returned.
Might be nice to let everyone know though eh?

yeah that might help!!

part of the reason I didn’t chase the guy down and deliver swift D-lock justice (coz I’m mad tough obviously)

thanks for letting me know

I see your bike parked up at Errol Streets IGA too. lol.