Stolen Saddle + Seatpost @ RMIT Bowen Lane

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, help me to spread the word around.
It sucks not being able to ride my bike.

Zul, im the guy you spoke to near the copy centre haha. I still got your number and will keep an eye out!

hey ronny, thanks for helping out. call or text if you have any info yeah? Also, hope we’ll be riding together sometime

What a fucking low life act.

Did you have a quick release seat pole? Will keep an eye out on my travels

Sorry to hear this. When I was at RMIT Bowen Lane was always a very dodgy place to lock your bike up. I remember a few people would lock their bikes inside outside the library… I’m sure the security don’t like it though.

lock their bikes inside outside the library

haha yep security hated it a they put a sign up telling people to stop!
its either bowen lane or swanston st which are both places i wouldnt want to leave my bike overnight. i hope the rest of zul’s bike made it through the night!!!

is level 11 of building 8 still where all the ‘rad fixies’ get locked up? it’s a bit of a trek if you’re not in that building, but it always seemed accepted. also the stair well railings on the floors above the library were good spots. otherwise you might want to look into the rumoured bike spots in the under building car park? if they exist?

Ross used to rave on about these spots when he was at RMIT, and I’m fairly sure Sime has discussed them previously.
Could be worth getting ahold of details from either of them?

I’m just glad to be able to lock my bike indoors all day whilst I’m in the CBD

yeah, ask sime or chazhutton

dudes, really appreciate all the replies i’ve received with this post.

big sigh. This needs to be stopped!

Suuuucks man. Like your poster; ran into it on Sasha’s blog after going to her workshop. One point of trivia: the bike you show in your poster is not relevant; it’s my bike. Recently had old-school Sugino crankset and chainring stolen from that bike in the same spot. Bad luck on your saddle and will keep an eye out too.
Cheers :frowning: