Stolen - the beardo racing trailer tow bike - fkn cunce


So I pull Loz’s bike out of the Yarra and have mine stolen. Nice.

Location: West Melbs outside my house. Locked up. Cunce.
Time: Sometime time Saturday night while I was asleep in my bed. THE CUNCE
Description / Details:

Fuji Track single speedified with stupid bars
FELT carbon front fork
Cheap front rack
Velomax front wheel
Bunjee cords on rack
Covered in stickers (Suicidal Tendencies prominent on seat tube)
Sweet NEW mudguards

Reward: Cash/Beer/Wristies. Extra passion on handjob if I can have “words” with the cunce first.

Looks a lot like this. Pretty fkn recognisable and pretty shit to be bothered repainting etc. If you see it, lock that shit up and contact me.

The fkn kvnt that did it probably looks a lot like this:

Paging Rolly.

Suspicious loitering dude in reflection of pic #3?

Yeah that dude’s an arse.

you fkn know I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.

fingers x’d it’s some scumbag that’s still hangin round west melbourne, there’s plenty of em.

couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.

cunce indeed.

Thanks for the nice sharing,i have never know about it.

On eBay.Thomson Fuji Velomax SAN Marco Carbon Forks Alloy Road Bike Bicycle in Croydon, VIC | eBay

Lol at the ebay sellers username: Robby, Roby plz’s thieving alter-ego.

There’s only a couple of hours left to go in the auction

Good find. Has anybody got Steve on to this?

Yep. Posted it on his Facebook. Someone might want to message him.

I just did

And only law enforcement can report the item as stolen on eBay - what a crock.

Well done James. x

I messaged Claire as well. I wonder if it’s worthwhile outbidding the highest? I’m sure the seller wont put up a fight when you roll up with Duggan

Seller might not know that it’s stolen eh.

Outbid on it and offer to pay cash on pickup. OP should then go with proof it’s his (photos) and get police involved.

I live not too far away. Happy to help out!

Did this get sorted out at all?

i’ve been trying to find that out myself but duggan is hard to get hold of at the best of times, let alone via gmail chat!!

beaker was telling me that he thought it’d been relisted and duggan had plans to sort it out, but who knows…