Stolen Touring bike.


My girlfriends bike has been stolen from under our apartment this morning in Brunswick and we are very keen to get it back. It is my girlfriends touring bike and holds many fond memories for her. If any one sees it then please spear tackle the fucker who stole it the ground (he or she is like to be small because the bike is tiny) OR call Campbell on 0428277112

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The bike is a Vivente blue frame (50CM).
Black bar tape on black drop bars.
Black Interrupter brakes
Black topeak supertourist rack on the back.
Front Ortlieb bag attachment.
Silver Deore cranks.

Sorry to hear this Campbell. I will keep an eye out.

will keep my Eyes Peeled Campbell

Eyes open, spreading the word on twitter too.


i’ll do what i can, mate.

Thanks everyone. It sucks because we had plans to go bike touring this easter!! :frowning:

have you check all the local cash converters and pawn shops , some junky probably took it to get a quick fix , hope you find it soon!!

Worst case scenario: Can V ride a 52cm? There’s a super duper nice Soma DC on ebay right now.

and this i will investigate. Thanks heaps Blakey