Stolen - Trek Madone 3.1 WSD

Hey - some scumbag has stolen Steph’s bike from the double lock up facility in her work building.
Distinctive bike, blue and blue and white women’s specific Trek Madone 3.1.
Ultegra groupset and pedals
Dura Ace C35 wheels
SMP Lite 209 saddle
FSA seatpost
3T cockpit with black tape

Current pic (two days ago)

Other pics:

Aww that sucks man.
But I have to say that moireing on her jersey rocks.

Aaaaah faaaark! Any security footage?

Working on getting footage

assume it probably wasnt locked in the cage?


Sucks! Try Stolen Bicycles Australia on FB, seems pretty good.

Thank you for this word.

That’s fkn bullshit, Luke (and Steph)!

Surely the building would be taking this seriously? Can’t have people wandering through their premises stealing client’s property. I hope they’re helping Steph out.

“double lock up facility” sounds like it could be another tennant who might have ‘mistakenly’ ridden the wrong bike home rather a random person waiting around waiting for an opportunity to sneak in.

Our bodycorp are fucken idiots and the cages we have at my new building are useless. They also had an owners meeting, and they elected not to bother installing cameras. Nothing I can’t afford to be stolen gets kept in ours now and I park the car right up against it so they can’t access it when it’s there 95% of the time.

I sympathise with your plight, hopefully the security camera footage helps out.

Was a scumbag who scurried under the parking garage door as it was nearly closed and ten seemingly picked the lock to the second secure room. Was 4:30pm and looks like a bit of a shithead taking an opportunity. The crap thing is Steph never rides the roadie in and only did it because we were going to ride together last night. Steph has lodged a claim with the employers insurer and we’re hopeful in that regard. We’re a bit concerned now about personal safety in that space now as it turned out that “security” is a bit of a misnomer. More like “camera technicians” as this dude lurked in the basement for about 5 minutes in view of cameras and no one knew.

The personal safety issue might get a bit more traction IMO (but might not help get the bike returned).

I’m curious how you go with insurance claiming… i fear a rabbit hole of counter claims on responsibility.

As someone who deals with insurance occasionally at work, it’ll be worth asking for her a copy of her employer’s statement of cover and seeing if it covers personal items (my employer’s does). If it does then you’re laughing. If not, you still might be able to get them to claim it, but it just might not be as clear-cut.