STOLEN!~White road convert w/B43s~UTS Bike rack Sydney 17-5-10

My white road frame converted fixie was taken from the bike rack under the stairs at UTS during the day sometime on the 17th of May (Monday).

The frame was powdercoated in an off-white colour with reynolds tubing stickers on the seat post and forks. It had black All-city cranks, black mks pedals, a san marco seat, italian drop bars with a black quill stem, red grips, and a sweet red b43 on the back. The front wheel was an old shabby thing off an old bike I had. The chain was red too.

The grips were a little torn due to a few stacks, the pedals were a bit roughed on the underside and there were some small scratches here and there.

I’m yet to notice anyone riding with any of those parts (the rear wheel is not a very discrete accessory) before or after my ride got stolen, but it can only be a matter of time I suppose. Would really appreciate any info on sightings or talk about it. I’m assuming it’s been taken apart as the individual parts are more valuable than the the thing as a whole.

Which stairs at UTS? i park my bike there all the time, but never again. UTS sucks with security. All security has ever done for me was put a sticky note on my bike saying ‘never park here again’ and kicked in my front wheel afterwards (i presume it was them) will keep a look out though dude, i’m pretty sure i’ve seen you riding it round a bit.

Yeah, they’re pretty useless.

I had it chained to the rack under the stairs out the back of building 1; where no cameras or any sort of surveillance exits. It’s a shame, as there’s no other protected area incase it rains or anything. What can you do?..

which bike’s yours? i don’t see that many fixed bikes around. i’m sure we’ve crossed paths once or twice

cheers dude.

Any luck finding it yet man? my bike is on this thread
scroll down a little. its looking pretty crap there has had some adjustments since.

i hope my bike at unsw doesnt get nicked :S. may i ask how it was stolen ? what lock were you using ?

i had a pretty solid (well at least i thought it was) combination lock. I’ve since been informed that it’s not THAT hard to get through them…

hey mate, i know where your bike is. will send you pm

^ Sometimes I think the internet is all about (bike) porn. But occasionally it does good. Nice.

holy shit that is cool. i feel so happy for the dude. nice one jacko.

yeah, me too. i’m kinda stunned. Very cool.

So have you actually recovered the bike?
Great stuff!

Not just yet. I think some recon work needs to take place… Sad, I know. It’s like an episode of Cheaters or To Catch a Predator haha

In that case I think you need to videotape this and post results.

haha. “Why don’t you have a seat. Have a seat. Did you bring the condoms with you?”

“I was just going to talk to her.”

“I’m with dateline NBC” turns into “I’m with

all i need now is an 80’s haircut, a bad suit and some old brownies… have a seat.

You got the bike yet- if so I was the van driving crazy following you to darling harbor. If not your bike just rolled up the ramp from the city into darling harbor. Blue jacket kid with no helmet…

no, but thanks for the tip. I’m there.