STOP THE PRESSES! Newspaper produces non-hysterical article about 'criminal' cyclists

Red lights a bloody hindrance, cyclist says

old guy, telling it how it is: “Yes, actually, every other vehicle on the road runs reds too!!!”

Pity Bruce didn’t give his surname, I would have nominated him as well as James Kent !

Bruce is my new cycling hero.

I love one of the comments from a motorcycle rider, and how he finds it hard to trip a light sensor. What a man.

its probably some shitty old giant with a 2 stroke bolted on it lol

I see Bruce out there often, a man of few words but he’s always good for a nod. Obviously an old-school racer, his form is still very good. Rock solid on his bike with a smooth, heels down pedal stroke in the traditional English style. Admirable.