Stopping my bike being purple as cheaply and simply as possible.

I just got a new (well new to me) bike, the frame is nice light lugged steel that fits me well. I think it’s a wallerman, I haven’t been able to find any information out about it but according to the guy who fixed it up for me it’s a good thing.

Unfortunately the frame is a fairly bright purple colour with quite a few scratches and nicks in the paint so I’d quite like to paint it, the only problem is I’m not looking to spend much money and have I never done much more bike maintenance past adjusting brakes, seats and so forth so I’m not sure i’d be up to taking it all apart and putting it back together…

So any advice for a newbie to the world of bike colour change?

covered in previous posts

do a search

There’s no way you’ll be able to do a good job changing the frame finish without taking the whole bike apart.

Unless it’s a very nice vintage frame you’re best shot is probably powder coat. It’s cheaper than paint and durable.

Purple rocks like the Popes socks

In the words of CraigC.

Buy a new bike.

This isn’t the one that was on e-bay a while ago in Brisbane?

Thanks I thought as much but thought it might be worth asking the question…

Purple rocks like the Popes socks

Some do, this one however does not…

This isn’t the one that was on e-bay a while ago in Brisbane?

Nah bought with beer locally (Ballarat, VIC)

Just stick some Samnson stickers on it and pretend it’s this…


jees, that really is a nice bike