Stradbroke group ride

So I mentioned this a while back but weather and a bad injury stoped it in its tracks.
So I’m thinking a group ride from planet to Cleveland the water taxi or ferry to dune inch then ride to point lookout pub for lunch,
Then ride ferry ride back.
The other option for those not looking at doing big k’s can drive to Cleveland and join in there.
Other option is for shirts and co to smash out a loop or whatever then meet at planet.

Now paging Tom Dave shirts I don’t know the roads out there real well so what is the safest/shortest route out.

Thinking of a Sunday for those with sat work.

Now I’m thinking last weekend of may or first couple of June.

Oh and this is a compulsory Brisbane ride.
No excuses.

I recon I could make Sun 3rd June or Sun 17th June. Fixed ride or just a whatever sort of thing?

Old Cleveland Rd to where it turns into Finucane Rd is a pretty good straight forward route. I do old cleveland loops to capalaba a bit and there is good wide shoulders most of the way hey.

That would be a great ride. Straddie is such an awesome place. Dream about the beach and the easy going pace there while I freeze my nuts off in Melbourne these days

if i’m in brissy mate ill be keen for this, sounds like a ripper.

Old Cleveland Rd early on a Sunday morning would be pretty good. Could come back via Manly/Wynnum Rd after lunch. I’d be keen as the last time we tried this we ended up bailing due to weather.

i would preffer sat as not to conflict with ritualistic sunday polo :frowning:

If we get this thing started early enough we could be back in time for polo.

Y do u ppl insist on swearing at me?

We were looking at a 10.00 am ferry.
I’m easy any day.
I just want to get some k’s up and I’ll be Sweeeet
I recon we would be at the pub by 12 then may be hour or two then cruise back.
I’ll check ferry times tonight.

First weekend of June would suit me fine.

can i ride fixed?

Fixays are way cool and most will be on them but

Fixays are way cool and most will be on them but

echo… echo… echo

i can ride my fixie bike too, J. Sunshine, if it means you’ll be less self conscious about riding yours…

couple of good pinches on finucane rd, nothing un-manageable though

as far as getting back for polo, a 2pm return is doubtful, i would call 3.30 at the earliest, probably 4.00, estimates only though

Just leave earlier.

Hotel serves lunch from 11:30 - I’m sure they’ll feed us beverages up until that point to keep us “amused”

This sounds all kinds of awesome. Have fun you lot.

so what’s the consensus date-wise for this bad boy?

I’m easy so I will let the weekend workers fight it out but let’s set a deadline by we’d this week.
I’m hella keen to get of the river loops.

Riverloops are for weekdays when there’s a million crazy fuks in cages that are happy to go out of their way to kill you

Hit up some bayside action on the weekends Dayne - you can keep things flat, traffic’s good early in the morning and the wind is generally on your tail on the way back into town