About a week ago I bumped a thread about double toe straps but didn’t get an answer so I thought I would pester everyone again.

How much better are double straps, are they worth the price increase?

Is it worth getting a pair of these? Or will they quickly fail?

Ideally I’m after some of the SAG toe straps from the MASH store but they don’t have any black/white and I don’t really dig the green and pink. Would it be worth paying the extra $20 to get MKS Fit Alpha’s/Toshis. I don’t really want to pay $100 for straps but I don’t want to keep replacing All City/Somas/UrbanVelos.

the mks and the toshi’s will last you for a near unending amount of time, warning dont go toshi if you run mks sylvians un less you have a dremel to take to the the pedal as the strap wont bend and its a tad to wide for the pedal

I have MKS gr9s still don’t go toshis? Looking at my pedals they don’t have a hole for the 2nd strap like the sylvans do, does that matter?

hrmm you could just brace the second strap under the pedal but i would just roll single straps if your running gr9’s, ive run the same mks singles for over a year, looking warn but still going strong

I googled it and saw a few pictures of people buying longer bolts for the cages and other people twisted them threw the holes in the front. But I’m just going take your advice and go singles, it’s my first time with clips and i don’t want to waste any money.


I had no problems running MKS Alphas with the GR9s but be aware they definitely perform better with Sylvans or equivalent - probably because they’re (GR9s) are quite narrow toward the front. I didn’t have to reshape the strap channels to get them through as others have suggested though; just some pliers, patience and elbow grease. Haven’t used singles, but the doubles feel very secure as they limit lateral movement.

knog just got in cadence double straps which are great double layer laminated same as the toshis but not suede. And i think they are around a 100, And they all so have another strap thing by cadence called a “doublizer”, which is like a leather thingo hard to explain but turns single straps in to doubles. have a look at cadence site if you need a real explanation also cadence clothing. and 40% all knog bags at the moment as well … good luck

i got some wabi double laminated suede straps. they’re awesome for the price. US$28 + $8 shipping.

Those Wabi straps are enticing, they’re not the same as the soma/allcity/urban velo ones are they? Which I understand them to be all the same?

Wabi said they can send 3 sets out for the same shipping charge so if 2 other people want some we could sort something out.

I’m running the Cadence double straps w/ some of the doublisers on my MKS Sylvans and MKS clips. Fantastic straps. Well worth the money.

i think the soma etc straps are all single layer. these are double layered, so super strong.

yeah all those somas are single layer, they stretch like fuck to and the clips dont hold the straps at the same length for long waste of money. if your paying 80 dollars for double somas which is what i payed for my ones at abotsford. . why not go and get a pair of cadence which are 80 dollars from knog. they are suede as well i noticed. and they fit pedals better then the toshis as well. best bet would be cadence!.

I’d love to get some cadence straps but I don’t live in melb and can’t find any online.

cadence = wabi + print.

seriously, i’m 90% sure they are 100% identical (-print). wabi is half the price, but cadence do like nice. i’d be tempted to pay the $80, but at that point i’d probably rather go for the toshis.

shoot and email at knog.