Stratos street keirin build

Well its still a work in progress, I have plans to have the frame resprayed and the B123AA drops chopped and rotated for everyday ride-a-bility.

Here she is;


  • Stratos ‘lugless’ ex keirin raced frame 60.5 c-t
    Rolling Stock
  • H+Son SL42 rims
  • Grand Compe hubs laced with DT Swiss spokes and nipples
    ^^^^ Big thanks to Dan @ Shifter bikes for putting the wheels together.
  • Tee19 Seatpost
  • San Marco Supercorsa saddle
  • Sugino ‘Grand Mighty’ crankset
  • Sugino 75 chainring 49T
  • Hatta Swan R9400 bottom bracket
  • Shimano Dura-Ace sprocket 15T
  • Look Keo carbon composite clipless pedals
    Nitto B123AA drop bars
    Nitto Jaguar stem

Let me know what you think.



oh I forgot the Grand Compe SS tyres…

I also forgot the HKK Vetex chain, Kashimax frame protector and some white champ grips to tie the mismatched white seat in.


Was thinking I’d get it resprayed in a metallic light blue.

I went ‘njs’ on a number of items including the stem (25.4) and they don’t make any non njs style bars that fit a 25.4 stem. The only way around this problem is to chop them.

looks good!

why respray?

also, don’t destroy the b123s. just get some nitto bullhorns or such.

It needs a respray for a few reasons;

a) It had a full and successful season of racing in Japan and has picked up some stone chips and bar scrapes.

b) My lady thinks it looks like a pair of acid wash junkie jeans.

I agree with icecream… get some risers or horns and keep the drops, it’s good having a couple of bars to swap between. If I ever chopped my 123s I’d regret it. Your bike isn’t all NJS anyway - so why stuff up a great set of bars? Plus, how many Keirin riders run flipped an chopped 123s? Something tells me as soon as you chop the bars, they ain’t NJS anymore.

Anyway, upload some photos when it’s complete, should look great - if the bars aren’t chopped :wink:.

There are heaps of 25.4 bars out there. It’s a very common size.

dont cut em… but yes your bike is fucking hot why the hatta bb thought why not just get sugino and keep it one drive system all the way through???

My Samson has a Hatt Swann BB. It was what was in it when I bought it.

And yeah, you’re riding a pretty tall gearing, but your cutting your bars. I’d assume this is going to be raced on the track… but with cut bars?

Yeah it came with the Hatta Swan and it is the most used BB by Japanese keirin riders so I assumed it was a good bet. I also have another new R9400 BB to replace it with.

My Samson has a Hatt Swann BB. It was what was in it when I bought it.

And yeah, you’re riding a pretty tall gearing, but your cutting your bars. I’d assume this is going to be raced on the track… but with cut bars?

I don’t intend on riding it on the track, just casually and around town.

I started riding fixed about a year ago on a 48/16 gearing and progressed to a 50/16. It just seemed a bit too small for this new build so I opted for the 49/15 and it works well after the few times I’ve riden it.

Thanks for the comments guys.

shit hot bike.

but yeh, don’t respray. it’s the kind of thing you’d be likely to regret down the track, like chopping those bars. just get some nice nittos or something.

and the thought of running 49/15 brakeless on the street does my head in…

If I chop the bars I can just buy another pair, unless someone can point me in the direction of a selection of wide (400mm) 25.4 bullhorn or pursuit bars.

On the respray, the junkie fillet brazing is growing on me and the scars of battle are kinda cool…

Whats wrong with 49/15 for street use ?

Not a fan of the risers or straight bars…

Try Nitto RB-018, RB-019 or RB-021. Have you seen or ridden chopped 123s? They look ridiculous and have no good hand positions.

Because you don’t ride that fast, and you didn’t mention a brake in your parts list.

^^This. Spinners are winners.

hard ratio to pull up brakeless at a set of lights.

I can’t ruin the forks and put a break on!

I have ridden it a few times and not had any ‘real’ issues as yet.

chips and bar scrapes aren’t bad dude. you do realise that there aren’t stones or pot holes etc on a velodrome, its bound to happen on the street aswell. The bike has got character, its had a past life. No need to mask up that fact that its a legit track bike. Sure if you bought of the shelf maybe, but shit son that frame you got isn’t an SE lager.

Tis an excellent point Gysy. The longer I look at the fillet brazed purple finish the more I like it.

I think in Japan the Keirin velodromes are made of asphalt aren’t they ?