Strava sells cycling data

Strava’s Cycling App Is Helping Cities Build Better Bike Lanes | Autopia | WIRED

Saw this on the Radishfist.

Think we already covered this somewhere. But yep, it’s good. Explains why there’s a “commute” check box on the upload page.

Yeah, I think it’s great. Maybe I should start Strava-ing my commutes more often.


but seriously, strava all the things

To the absolute annoyance of everyone, I strava my commute. Yep, all 8km of it.
I also think it’s ace they’re gathering the data (i mean we make it pretty public anyway by Strava-ing it in the first place) and that organisations who directly impact policy & infrastructure decisions are interested in buying it.

Sounds like a shit idea.

I do this to log all my miles. Also helps to know how many kms on chains/cassettes/chainrings. Long commutes = wearing stuff out.

Hopefully it helps out with decision making and planning etc. There’s a lot of data there, would be shame if it just disappeared.

I like to put my phone away and forget about electronics and recording and numbers when I commute. The only electronic thing is my dynolight, which is always on so I don’t even think about that. /smug

This is almost certainly illuminati. Fools! Fools!

I’ve gotten real good at ignoring my garmin. I’ve done my commute so many times now that I’ve given up trying to get PBs or anything so it’s just there to log miles.

You don’t even ride anyway.

I can’t be bothered strava-ing everything. I can make my commute very short or long, if I choose to do it long (about 20+ ks) I’ll log it. But if I go the short way (5 ks) I don’t bother, same with for quick rides to shops or pub or friends’ houses.

Anyway, on the OP topic I don’t mind Strava selling the data if it serves a valuable purpose. After all, they provide us with a pretty nifty app for free (at least for those of us who use the free version), so if they can make a buck then all good.

Then there’s the privacy question. It looks like they’ll handle it pretty well, as said in the article.

FU. I am riding today!

I’m the same, my commute is 6k’s one way. If I go for longer rides, I’ll Strava it.

Man … I love you !!!

To be honest one definitive move they could make is to ave a’commuting’ mode. so that there is a discernible difference between the data produced for different types of riding.

I vote naming it FREDADA or HUBBARDA

Neil?! Are these lentils South African?!

When I upload there’s a commute checkbox. Probs don’t get that option on the phone app?

I wouldn’t know! (But props to them if its already a thing!)

It’s there… I keep my Garmin on the Clock/Temp display on commutes - prefer to get to work/home alive & chilled instead of exhausted.