Street View Dream Roads.

So my latest procrastination tool is to scour street view images in Europe (which has some pretty good quality images) checking out roads that I’d love to be riding on, rather than sitting at a desk.
– I figured it could make an interesting thread: just find your perfect road, full screen it, print screen that and post it up (if you’re inclined add a link to its location)

Here’s the best I’ve found today…

^ what, no green bike lane?? lazy…

who needs a bike lane when there’s no traffic? - here’s some ‘back road’ in Norway.

back road/main road between towns…it’s all the same once you’re +15kms from Oslo.

you can’t get lost in Norway. you just keep the mountain on one side and the river/lake on the other side.

Posting this one for Rolly…

dude, don’t you have angular buildings to design or something?

Curved actually.

chauchescu’s folly

Chauchescu’s folly

There’s only one road that I dream to do … car, bike, skateboard whatever … Stelvio Pass !!!



This has just gone on my 2013 ‘to do list’ on my world tour.


Much rather drive than ride. In anything rear wheel drive.

Theres a short video of Patrick Seabase riding up and then down that brakeless. (i’m sure it’s been seen to death but for those that haven’t seen it. SEABASE vs STELVIO on Vimeo)

we saw it. we just didn’t care.

As a brief aside, and something that makes me kinda care: In his position i would be worried about two things:

  1. skidding though the tyre before you reach the bottom.

  2. Popping out a cleat. I reckon on that road, it might spell death.

That’s all, everyone carry on with the thread topic. I’m still looking for my favourite.

you just made my day :wink:

(… well as much as male could make my day)

Transfăgărăşan, Romania

I think he’d rather go down that way then being killed by a soccer mum driving a 4wd. The latter is far more likely to happen.