stripped extraction threads in cranks... both cranks...

oh man, Im laughing, don’t u worry :smiley: that shit is Awesome man.

I did the same thing with a friends bike… he was swapping out his cranks. Did one side fine, forgot to take the bolt out of the other side… Oops, sorry Alex, you didn’t want those old cranks did you?

An angle grinder fixed the problem. :evil:

this happened to me yesterday
ive tried hammering it and riding it but nothing
and i want to keep the bb and crank arm
are there any other ways i should try before taking it to my lbs?

This is one of the tools i use. might work? I got this one from bunnings and it seems more appropriate than my other ones.

how much are they from bunnings?

wow that’d have been perfect! hahaha ahwell