strong custom steel roadie is strong

Carl Strong Custom Road Bike | eBay
pretty nice bike, strong bikes are pretty cool. if it fit me and wanted another roadie i’d pay $1500 for it

The reason I’m selling is that I’m done with road riding for a while. I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s no fun to me any more, so I’m going to stick to the trails for a year or so and see if I can’t rekindle a love for the tarmac by being away from it?. My race bike is also up for sale to show that I’m genuine about that.


That’s a lovely bike. Someone should buy it.

Not sure of the guy’s reasoning though.

Worth it just for the chorus/record running gear.

That’s bloody mint,

This bike is a banger.

nahhh, a full set of record kit went for $540 the other day on ebay, nearly bought it just for shits and gigs.

I have a seatpost made by him in 1988.

I’m kidding.

But I like that bike, and dont think his rationale for selling is too bizarre. I rode a Ti Strong roadie a few years ago and it was a nice ride, nicely finished frame, too. I think a steel custom-for-you Strong frame will cost only marginally more than that bike.

Current Strong steel frame cost: $2000
Plus shipping & import tax will add around $500
Plus ~$500 for a custom steel / CF fork.
Plus build kit.

Banger of a deal if if fits you.

My wife saw me about to click the buy it now button, she asked why I needed it and I had no good answer, so the button remained unclicked.
I am easily encouraged/discouraged.

I was just doing final check of measurements and someone pipped me.


nice components/make etc, but boring bike. still, would ride.

I’m hearing a lot of could-have, would-have should-haves.

What’s that saying about snoozing and loosing?

If you don’t buy it some one else will,
Who’s would you rather have it?

Its been bought, I literally got permission from the CFO, then did a last check of the measurements, then hit buy it now but someone had pinged me by 2 minutes.

No-one says this, Horatio.

'You snooze, your sheets become loose."

you sneeze your shirt gets ripped off.

*sneeze optional

You wear a loose shirt and the wind blows it off so you lie down and have a snooze.