Strzeleki Rangers

Has anyone got any route up and around Strzeleki Rangers and Tara Bulga National parks?

Dirt or sealed…

a few of us rode through tara bulga national park last year. it was amazing. we did a ride similar to blakey’s ride mapped here. its gravel but i rode it fixed with 28s.

i have difficulty taking the strzeleki ranges seriously due to an old Late Show skit that i cannot clearly remember or find on youtube. any assistance here will be appreciated.

Can’t remember the sketch but Martin/Molloy boys repeated the line

“Sturt was a good film… . but it was no Strzelecki” a bit

Thanks. Was that just after Xmas? There looks like some gravel grinds up to tara bulga from trarlgon.

no we went in july or some time around then.

we drove to traralgon and rode to pt albert which was all sealed roads. then the next day rode back to the car through the tara bulga national park. so yeh, i don’t know much about other unsealed stuff around there.

its a beautiful part of the world (well once you get out of traralgon and passed all the power stations which are truely horrible).