stuck bolts

I’ve managed to strip the head of a screw in my Thomson Elite threadless stem and now it doesn’t take the allen key. It’s recessed, so I tried drilling it out for an easy out tool but the screw is eating my drill bits. Any suggestions?

Is it the fully recessed steerer clamp bolt? Drilling it out will probably be easiest: get better quality drill bits and start small.

you can get special drill bits just for that.
they put like a reverse thread in the rounded head with one bit then you srew the other bit in and put the drill in reverse and out it comes.
total tools might be your best shot if the drilling it out doesnt work

I believe this is referred to as an ‘easy out tool’. See OP.

related question: i have some old cranks with one particular chainring bolt that’s been rounded out on the allen key side, and the tabs on the back mushed as well. i gather that easy-out tool wouldn’t work in this case.

any tips for drilling it out? i haven’t tried anything yet but figure i’ll need a better bit than i have now.

You cab try using a small hacksaw to cut a slot into the top of the Llen bolt and then use a flat screw driver. Or drill a thin hole and progressively get bigger until it falls out.

if you can get a drill bit into it, I don’t see why the easy out wouldn’t work. Same principle

I had the same problem, just use a drill bit about the width of the inner thread of the nut, when you drill the head of the bolt pops off when you get down to the thread of the nut

I’ve found as well that sometimes smaller bits go in easier. once the hole is drilled, you can usually get a bigger bit in there easier.

if the easy out isn’t working so ‘easily’ perhaps a multi-day regimen of ye olde’ WD40 is in order. Then try again?

I snapped the head off a screw while installing a my new atac cleats the other day. Got the easy out out and easily got it out.

i love to get it out with easy outs :smiley:

A trick I’ve successfully used in removing stuck screws working on my motorcycles is to heat the screw and melt some paraffin wax on it.

The wax wicks into the threads making it easier to get out, if you can get some purchase on it.

Also, using a dremel to slot the head can help…

Use left handed drill bits with easy outs makes it even easier because if the screw/bolt grips the drill bit it undoes it for you!