stuck in a lift for 41 hours

if you’ve ever been bored waiting in a lift … think about this poor bugger

41 HOURS??? I get bored waiting at traffic lights! Poor bugger is the right term :evil:

jebus. that video footage is great. I would go crazy being stuck in a box like that for half that time. sitting on a plane to europe is bad enough.

Colleague: “Hey Nick, how was your weekend”
Nick: “Oh yeah, you know, nothing special WOOOP WOOOOP WOOOP WOOOOP WOOOOP!”

That was insane, i couldn’t imagine what went through his mind. Our lift at work dies occasionally and I did get stuck in a packed lift at Building 8 RMIT for half an hour. That in itself is not suprising, the lifts stop all the time - don’t get me started on the rest of the building service (to hot in winter, freezing in summer). One of my favorite buildings, but a bugger to work in

Love the fast motion footage when he’s walking around and climbing up on the railing, that shit would stuff you up for a long time me reckons!!

Come down and visit building 108 at around 10:30.

Nic White is actually a BnC member.

YEP! Try catching a lift in 108 at any time!!! :x I just get the stairs even if Im going level 10, I also suspect most of the lifts are secretly empty shafts with no lift at all!

Also Im extremely surprised the guy couldnt knock the roof out somehow then climb onto the next floor? James Bond does it quite often.

okay, seeing as i’m really procrastinating, i made a facebook group for the crap RMIT lifts.

make of this what you wish. i really need to do some more work.

If you read the article the guy the journo talks to at Otis (USA! USA!) says:

“Those doors have the lock on the outside for a reason. They are for emergency workers to get in from the outside when they’re rescuing people” or words to that effect, and not for Joe Q Public to go for a wander one day. (O_o) only when the security guy’s asleep … funny how we don’t hear about that part…

My mate is a lift mechanic (ILS) Ill ask him if his lifts are able to be broken out of :stuck_out_tongue: Surely if you had 41 free hours you could bash a decent hole in the roof, providing its not steel of course. In terms of bashing out the roof of something, its easily possible on a train carraige :wink: but thats another story.

I think you’d find that above the metal ceiling of the lift there are a few beams, anchor points and assorted machinery. Once you get out of the car there isn’t much there, like the New Yorker saud its not like speed there arnt lights and ladders just one big long black dark shaft

i skimmed through bits of the article to get an idea of what he was feeling. It was an express lift so it doesn’t stop at any floor before like the 40th floor. When he pried the doors open there was a big number 13 painted on the shaft of the elevator which means that not only was his bad luck right there for him to see, he had quite a few levels to scale before there would be a door to get out.

Those lifts in 108 are of the brand Schindler. I dunno why they didn’t call the company “Schindler’s lift”


We’ve got a Schindler Lift at work. I chuckle every time I get in it.

I remember that part where he grabs the kid’s hand and argues that he needs workers with small hands to clean the inside of bullet casings.

“I need hands this small … to polish chain rings and hubs for fixie tragics in Australia!”

Schindler Lifts are Swiss. So probably not of the good Schindlers, just Nazi bullion hoarders