Stuck seatpost - good shop to help in Brisbane?

So I have a steel frame with a stuck seat post (dura ace if that makes any difference). I have been soaking it with WD40 overnight but I’ve read that might not achieve much and that penetrating oils in general don’t achieve a great deal. Next on my list is tipping a can of coke down the seat tube and leaving it a couple of days. I am going to try everything I can do easily at home before taking it to a shop.

However, I want to let the pros have a go before I get into the hardcore options of hacksawing from the inside out or caustic soda. Does anyone know of anyone good with this kind of thing in Brisbane? I imagine it’s a relatively common problem but would like to hand it over to someone good.

Really don’t want to damage the paint so heating anything to any extreme is off my list.

Feel free to tell me how you successfully removed a stuck seat post so I can feel hopeful. Yes, I have already used the search function.

If you are Southside. Flashing Pedals on Beaudesert Rd, Acacia Ridge. Andy is an old school roadie and pretty good at fixing ( and explainng) stuck stuff.

Got it out, wasn’t as stuck as I thought!

Nice one. Ive removed a couple of real stubborn stuck posts by twisting them out of the frame when nothing else will do the job. This process will destroy the post though. Drill a hole through the post near the base large enough for a long 3/8 drive socket extension, put the extention through the hole and hit the extension end with a hammer to twist out the post. This way your frame paint stays n good nick.