Stupid ABC comments (via Bike Snob)

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Saw this on the snob yesterday. Totally amazed and dumbfounded. I expected this of the commercial networks but the ABC??

As Derren Hinch would say, “SHAME

And the link from the Bike Snob blog is dead. Anyone got another link?

I was photographed for the age article on this - I didn’t realise until i saw Mondays paper though

Bike Snob NYC

Car door bikie hits increase in Melbourne - YouTube

Bikie hits?

Man they’re involved with everything!

That is pretty poor. Maybe send it in to Media Watch: Media Watch tip-offs

Wow, I’ve met boxes of hammers that are smarter than those two combined.

From the ABC website:

Dooring cyclists

Posted Tue May 8, 2012 12:43pm AEST
News Breakfast: On May 7, the program interviewed Garry Brennan from Bicycle Network Victoria about a campaign to increase fines for motorists who open their car doors into the path of cyclists. After the interview we suggested that cyclists should share some of the blame for ‘dooring’ incidents. The law states that this is incorrect. In every ‘dooring’ incident it is the fault of the person opening the door for not exercising due care.

What a tool that news presenter is.

To be fair to the presenter, it is possible that a cyclist could run into a car door that is already open, just not likely.

Shame it’s buried in the corrections section. Should have been an on air correction by the presenters.

Also, Oslo brings the lulz

That’s like suggesting I willfully contracted gonorrhea just for the pain and not for the pleasure in the act.

Edit: that doesn’t sound right but I’ll leave it for laughs

Oh come on H., there’s devil’s advocate, and then there’s

I’m just trying to understand where the presenter is coming from. The guy is usually pretty reasonable.

I think he’s just trying to be fair and balanced. You know, in the Fox News way.


Fox news saying it’s “fair and balanced” is like starting a statement with, “I’m not racist but…”